The Challenge

Businesses strive for the highest level of customer service, and one of the factors that help them achieve this is the delivery of their products in full and on time (DIFOT). It’s one of their main KPIs to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of the supply chain. Higher DIFOT numbers have a direct correlation with better customer experience.

Due to sheer volume and complex variations in the order to delivery process, businesses often don't have total visibility or control of the status of open orders, which makes achieving DIFOT targets challenging.

Businesses want to identify and address supply chain risks before they became issues. There's often a lack of ability to identify that an order might fail before it actually does. Such failures hinder them from maintaining their high customer service standards.

The Solution

The solution is real-time operational process intelligence dashboards that visualise the end to end order to delivery process. The dashboards highlight the orders that are at risk based on the velocity at which they're traveling through the process, thus identifying the bottlenecks. The solution provides businesses with the opportunity to take corrective actions to stop orders from being delayed. It also provides insights into process deviations.

Real-time operational process intelligence empowers users with real-time visibility of open orders, breaking down the process into multiple intermediate steps with intermediate targets, providing focus on specific orders that need special attention.

It provides deliveries planning and distribution centre teams with total control over their end to end operations, significantly improving DIFOT and customer experience.

Managed Service

Forefront provides real-time operational process intelligence solutions by using components from both SAP and AWS. Our methodology allows us to implement the solution and deliver benefits in as little as 2 - 3 weeks. Further, we offer it as a managed service, taking care of integration, infrastructure, innovation, and support. So, contact us to start the conversation.